I’m a 21-year-old student and a Green municipal councillor in Hyvinkää! The municipality affects many aspects of our everyday lives: hobbies, roads and buildings, education, health care and the local environment. With your vote you can choose the values of our decision makers!

Who can vote?

You can vote in the municipal elections if you:
  • Are over 18 years old
  • Have lived in Hyvinkää for at least two years
 ◦ Are a citizen of Iceland, Norway or 
 another EU-country and have lived in 
 Hyvinkää for at least two months

My policies:

Conservation of Nature

The municipality holds a vital position in protecting the natural spaces of our urban environment. The growing of forest, planning of new districts and the protection of groundwater are all important decisions made by the city council and affected by the values of its respective representatives. One of the most important and urgent tasks, facing us after this election season, is carbon neutral Hyvinkää. Also, we must start to prepare for the negative consequences of climate change today.

Children’s rights

The evaluation of children’s best interests must be made a mandatory part of the decision-making process. My personal objective is to secure a hobby for every child and a home for every family: each child should be able to strive for a dream job no matter their native language, peer group or family’s financial situation. In addition, we must recognize that mental health related skills should be a core part of our educational system and develop language immersion as a part of day-care services.

Intergenerational justice

A bright future offers dreams for the young and stability for the elderly. Instead of being a burden, the retired must be seen as an empowerment of our society due to their long-life experience and wisdom. At the same time, we must make sure to provide young people with their first employment possibilities. Let us secure the right of our non-car driving citizens to the freedom of movement and an active life – whether they are retirees or under the age of 18.

A sustainable city

In a sustainable city the people, the economy and ecology are all in balance. In the future, Hyvinkää will be developed more and more in close proximity to the greater metropolitan area of Helsinki. Let’s make Hyvinkää into a pioneer of remote work opportunity!

Who is Santeri?

I study Russian language, literature, and international politics at the University of Helsinki. Hyvinkää is my hometown, where I have lived my entire life. Thanks to my beloved grandmother I have been able to follow municipal politics from a young age. During the last twenty years I’ve lived for instance in the neighbourhoods of Martti and Mustamännistö. In Hyvinkää I am known as an honest and hard-working person with a heart in the right place. I’ve served, for example, as the head or secretary of many associations. Last spring I took part in the Multilingual Hyvinkää -initiative (in Finnish), which defended children’s right to proper language education in Hyvinkää.

The Future:

In the 2021 municipal elections I became one of the two first municipal councillors of Hyvinkää, born in the 21st century. Who could be more suitable to make the decisions of our future? In 2030, Hyvinkää will be an active, carbon neutral city, where the consideration of children is placed in the centre of politics. Simultaneously, we will actively develop the teaching of foreign languages and our relationship with the international partner cities of Hyvinkää.

Do you want to hear more about my policies? With the tag “English”, you’ll find my posts in the blog section of this website. You could also be in contact with me through email or come to meet me in person in one of our upcoming events!

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